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    Inšpekčná kamera parkside
    PKI 2.8 C3

    A new camera from parkside with a 1m long endoscope arrived on my desk. I needed to solve the extension to at least a few meters, so I took the camera apart and examined it. The endoscope itself contains LEDs for lighting and a USB camera, but working with voltage 3.6. The JST-5 connector on the board is connected starting with the black wire and ending with the red one as follows

    1 - GND
    2 - LED +V
    3 - DATA-
    4 - DATA+
    5 - VCC 3.6V

    Connector type for the endoscope is "MINI DIN 5"

    1 - LED+
    2 - VCC 3.6V
    3 - Data+
    4 - GND
    5 - Data-

    A web camera and a digital USB microscope connected instead of an endoscope work without any problems. There are a lot of USB endoscopic cameras on aliexpress with a cable of several meters, so this cheap camera can be used even over longer distances or other uses.

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